I Am A Failure…

…at blogging. It’s true. My last post (before this one) said that a new site was coming! That was December of 2015. Well, I’ve had the new site… which is honestly in need of massive updating (sigh). But hey, at least I’m trying now. Right now. At this moment.

I honestly don’t know if people read blogs much these days. Wait. Do people even read much AT ALL these days? I still read. But I am an admitted nerd that wants to have a library in their home (home… hahaha… I live in New York City. I better start adding a few zero’s to the end of my bank account if home is going to be something that I have in this city.).

Anyway, here we are. 2017. I am writing a stream of consciousness post about how I don’t post. You’re welcome.

I’m hitting the reset button on a lot of things this year. I’ve deemed it the year of intentionality. Intentional with my work. Intentional with this website. Intentional with my time. You get the idea.

I don’t really know what that means for this blog function on my website quite yet. Maybe I’ll use it as a ramble outlet as I am at this moment. Maybe I won’t, as it seems like this may not be the best way of pushing my professional career forward. But we all want AUTHENTICITY, right???


Happy 2017 everyone. Cheers to my first post in 14 months!!!