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A Long Time Ago...

When I was a young lad & after I got over the astronaut phase of my life (some dreams die hard), I thought the coolest job in the world would to be a photojournalist for National Geographic. While that particular job hasn’t materialized (yet!), I never could have dreamt where the path would lead my life.

My young professional life took me to Los Angeles and Hollywood, where I spent my formative years cutting my teeth as a production assistant on tv shows, commercials & films (boy oh boy do I have stories from Transformers…). I made my way up the ladder to being a Producer on various television programs & then soon thereafter burning out on what I felt was rapidly becoming the pointlessness of what I was creating.

This lead to me eventually running away from the industry and beginning work in the non-profit / NGO sectors in Nashville, Tennessee, primarily working in community development in east Africa. It was while I was in Uganda & Kenya for several months, I rediscovered my passion for visual communication… but with a purpose! We needed content for the organization, so I started filming. And then it hit me…

Is this… is this something that I could do… as my job? Could I tell these stories of hope and change and light in dark places? Is that something that you can do in life?

I had no idea. But I started down that journey of discovery which has lead me to where I am now.

I’m incredibly thankful for my life. For the twists and turns and everywhere they have taken me.

I now spend my days, traveling near & far, helping companies & organizations small & large, tell their stories.

Documentaries, short films, commercials, music videos, corporate videos… we all have stories to tell. Get in touch & let’s see if we can tell yours together.

My Expertise

I have learned to be a production company of one & can help to scale your project up to the moon or to the smallest fly on the wall possible.

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