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In my last post, I talked about the WHY of switching from Apple to PC. Now let’s get in to what the experience has been like up to this point. Here’s a series of short videos I shot and uploaded to Instagram Apologies for the vertical video, but, they say it’s the FUTURE… [pexyoutube pex_attr_src=””][/pexyoutube]   The laptop arrived in a non-descript, frankly beat up looking box. I mean for real. So many slits and holes. The packaging was minimal but very nicely put together. I powered up the laptop and waited… honestly having NO IDEA WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN. The set-up process was pretty painless. A lot of things that I was supposed to read that, let’s be honest… I didn’t really read… at all. Windows asked me to set-up the fingerprint scanner for log-in purposes and after that, I was up and running. Now, I haven’t used Windows in years. Years and years and years. I vaguely remember Windows 95. That’s about it. I know some of you hardcore Mac enthusiasts are going to be super pissed at my assessment here, but, I have to say… it’s not so bad. No. Really. It’s not so bad. Except, when you try to make Windows be exactly like the Mac OS. Theeeeen it can be bad. More on that in a minute. One of the main reasons I felt confident in making the switch from Mac to PC was that pretty much every program that I use and rely upon now lives in the cloud and is universal. For my video/photo editing, I use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs. In addition, all of my plug-ins, LUT’s, etc. are universal. I use Google Calendar because it transfers seamlessly between apps. I use Evernote for inspiration, note taking, creative ideas, etc. I use Todoist for my To-Do lists and reminders. The only difference is that I primarily use Apple’s Office-esque programs, but it’s an easy change to go over to Google Docs or even Microsoft Office, which now provides free online apps ala Google Docs. The other great thing is that since these apps are universal. they sync seamlessly with the companion apps on my iPhone. Boom. So, with everything that I pretty much everything that I use on a day to day basis, there are no restrictions. I’m not missing out on much. I don’t really like Apple Mail. I don’t really love iCal. There is no proprietary Apple software, outside of the OS itself, that I feel like I’m desperately missing out on. And now, here’s my strange story of how I ended up having to reset the entire system and start from scratch and very seriously almost sent the computer back… I read a few articles on how to ease the transition from Mac to PC. I found quite a bit of it helpful and I’ll pass some of that knowledge on in my next post. One of the toughest pills to swallow in the Windows 10 world is how it renders text. To be frank I kind of hate it. I have gotten so used to the buttery smooth look of Mac fonts, that Windows in comparison looks brittle and frail… like Windows has been enduring a famine for years and years and is now gaunt and sallow. I do not understand this. Someone please explain it to me. Anyway, I found and downloaded a program that was, in theory, supposed to cause the text/fonts in Windows to render and emulate the look of that on the Mac OS. I followed the instructions I found and it didn’t seem to do much. I didn’t bother with it after that for a couple of days while I was continuing to try and wrap my head around the rest of the OS. Another strange thing was that sometimes, applications just wouldn’t open. Documents wouldn’t open. I would click and click and… nothing. I figured out that when I right-clicked there was an option that says Run As Administrator. When I clicked on that a little dialogue box popped up asking if I wanted to run the application as the administrator and when I clicked yes, it would open. Most of the time anyway. I tried my best to research this and figure out what was going on, but I couldn’t sort it out. I tried following these crazy mumbo jumbo directions to change settings and set myself up as the Administrator and all I got for my hours and hours of effort were insane error and permissions errors, with nothing to show for it. My frustrations continued to mount with trying to figure out the Administrator permissions AND the text was still bothering me so I went back into the program to fidget with it. I changed the main option of how it functioned and it told me that it would change a setting in the Registry so that I wouldn’t have to open up and run the application all of the time. Sounded great to me! Yeah. No. Not great. At all. The opposite of great. Freaking terrible. I had to restart the computer for it to make the changes, which I did. And that’s when everything fell apart. It initially booted up fine, and then a few seconds later, just froze. And froze. And froze. I could do NOTHING. Click on nothing. Move nothing. Open no menus. I had to give the computer a hard reboot. I crossed my fingers and hoped it was a glitch on the initial boot-up. Nope. The exact same thing happened. And then it happened again. And again. And again. Whatever Registry settings that application changed, Windows did not take kindly to it AT ALL. In fact, it had no idea how to process it. So it went full on deer in headlights and just froze up. I had to do a ton of research JUST to figure out how to start the computer up in safe mode, just so I could try to change a bunch of code JUST so I could uninstall the application… which did, you guessed it, NOTHING. So, defeated, I chose the option to do a hard reinstall of the system and reset everything. I would lose all of the applications I had downloaded, settings, on and on it went. This took an hour or two and then, frustrated & exhausted, I went to bed.   What I learned from this was that you have to let Windows be Windows. It’s not gonna be a Mac. It’s not. You can change SOME things to help shorten the gap, but changing code and the Registry is a desperation move that you are not qualified for and will not go well for you. Listen, I promise you, it won’t. The other thing I learned is that after the reinstall, literally EVERYTHING worked better. Everything. Remember that problem I had with having to right click and run everything as an Administrator? Yeah. Gone. Not a problem anymore. No clue. You tell me. Please. It has more or less been smooth sailing ever since. The only issue I currently have seems to be a problem with Google Chrome, my browser of choice. It comes in waves, but, every now and again Chrome will freeze up. I won’t be able to do anything for up to a minute and then finally it all goes back to normal. I’ve been trying to figure out why this happens and if anyone out there can give me some insight, I’d really appreciate it. The Adobe suite of programs are up and running just fine. The difference that I can see is that Premiere seems to be a bit glitchy compared to the Mac version. Meaning, it just doesn’t look as smooth, if that makes any sense? I mean this from pure aesthetics. PERFORMANCE wise, it’s a wow. I loaded in a 4K project I’m working on and magically would watch back and edit my clips in full res 4K. I almost cried. Render and export times are EXPONENTIALLY faster. I feel like a new man/editor. I can look past aesthetics when this is going to cut down on my edit time by hours and hours. I couldn’t be happier in this regard. Another nifty little feature in this specific computer is that Dell has a feature called PremierColor that lets me change color profiles on the fly. So, if I’m editing photos, I can switch the profile over to Adobe RGB, if I’m editing video, I can switch over to Rec. 709. This is proving to be incredibly helpful.  In my next post, I’ll dive into the apps and tips I’ve found helpful in the transition process from Mac to PC. If you have any questions or comments, hit me up below and I’ll answer any questions you might have. And if you’re out there and can address any of the problems I’ve had, PLEASE help a brother out.   

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I was on assignment for a project taking place on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean, about 50 miles south of Sicily. I had just managed to pick up a Panasonic GH3 right before my flight and this was my first chance to play around with the camera. I had some free time and trekked down to St. Paul’s Bay (one of the locations where Paul (yes, THAT Paul) was rumored to have been shipwrecked) and immediately saw how easily it would be to become shipwrecked here. The weather was incredibly volatile, but I managed to catch a stunning sunset. 5 minutes after I stopped filming it began hailing in sheets. Unreal.
Camera: Panasonic GH3 Lenses (used w/ Kipon EOS-m4/3 Canon EOS to Micro Four Thirds Lens Adapter w/ Aperture Control): keep reading