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Yeah so I completely failed at blogging while I was in Iceland. 1) We barely had internet, anywhere, at all. If we did it was because we were getting gas or a tour bus had wifi and we would snag it. 2) I was so in awe, in complete and total awe, of everything, all the time, that I had no desire to distract myself from being in awe. Seriously, this was one of my best adventures and one of my favorite trips. Iceland is definitely sitting atop the favorite places pile at the moment. New Zealand is lurking in the corner, waiting to pounce… I can feel it. But I digress. I have no idea how long its going to take me to break down everything from this trip and let you catch a glimpse of what we experienced. I’m hopping on a flight  to Brazil here in a few hours for the rest of the week so it’ll be awhile before I can circle back around to Iceland. But, here’s a continuation of my last post where we had just begun to explore Reykjavik.  Our second day in the city, we wanted to dive into culture. By culture, I mean we just wanted to find Vikings and Trolls. Here I managed to find both:

No but seriously, it’s a troll a viking hat and a sword that’s too big for it. HILARIOUS.

Moving on.

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